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User Friendly Design: Reagent lasts long time. Our reagent is mixed with non-volatile environmental friendly chemical. It reduces the frequency of reagent changes. Enjoy your planted tank easily.
Reading Color Method: Reagent color will change accompanying with dissolved CO2 in the tank, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Blue means the tank needs more CO2. Green or light green means your aquarium tank has the optimal level of carbon dioxide. Yellow color means too much dissolved CO2 in the tank. Over dissolved CO2 will cause death of fish, shrimp, etc.

Circle diameter 21mm/0.83",46mm/1.81"(high),23mm/0.91(bottom diameter)

U Type-- Details:
Length: approx. 64mm/2.51”
Ball diameter: approx. 16mm/0.62”
Nozzle inner diameter: approx. 0.7mm/0.03”
Gap: approx. 17mm/0.66”

***U shaped hanging checker is good for rimless tank only


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